Keyworth Turkey Trot Half Marathon

Keith Edwards

About Keith

Member of European Team Zoot and Rugby Triathlon Club.   Competitively racing and winning in the 50+ Age Group at all Triathlon Distances, Cycling and Running Events.
Turkey Trot Report
Very pleased with my half marathon race today.
Done loads of half marathons in triathlons but only 1 before as a standalone race 7 years ago ! Despite being madly busy with work over the last 6 weeks (food industry at Xmas !) training has been going well , with solid mileage and good intervals.
However last week I did my first park run (not sure they do these in Europe ? free to enter 5kraces every Saturday, in parks all over the UK) and to say it went badly would be a massive understatement ! I naively tried to keep up with the leaders (sub 17 min runners) and blew massively at 3k !!!
So today was very controlled for the first 3 miles , settled into a pace which was on my limit but o.k. Really enjoyed the atmosphere and everybody who I passed or passed me made a comment or two about my very floppy Santa Hat Very pleased with 1-24-03, won my age group (50-54) and was 38th overall out 920 finishers.
Nice trophy and a turkey ! Nice afternoon , legs shredded but 2 beers and watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” Xmas film and dozing on the settee. Merry Xmas (Keith Team Zoot)