Coaching Services 

1: Advanced Coaching Package  £200 per month
  • Complete training plan for Triathlon, Cycling, Running, Swimming,  Indoor rowing or combination of endurance sports delivered  through Premium Training Peaks account
  • Weekly feedback and motivation
  • Plan reviewed on daily basis
  • Race Planning guidance
  • Strategic target and milestone Setting
  • Nutritional advice
  • Psychological support, including motivation, mindfulness coaching and race week preparation
  • Discounted places on training camp  
  • Discounted products through Tri-be Coaching partners   
Additional Cost Add Ons
  • Regular swim analysis
  • 1-1 Training where location allows
  • On site race support
  • Training camps

2: Tailored Training    £100 per month
  • Weekly training plans uniquely designed to fit your                         performance level, time and resources.
  • Plan specific to key events, eg Ironman, Marathon, Time Trial.         All based on course and environment
  • Monthly review of training with adaptation as required
  • Monthly goal and milestone setting
  • Email feedback only

3: Training Plan Consultation service - Face to Face £500

A critical review of your planned training towards key events
We come to you and will spend the day assessing all aspects of training and performance. This could include any of the following:
  • 1-1 training
  • Race pacing
  • Bike Fitting
  • Technical Assessment in chosen disciplines
  • Swim analysis
  • Identification of strengths and areas of weakness
  • Training session demonstrations
  • Race planning
  • Agreed action plan, including training focus, drills, progressions and a review of your training plan.
Additional training plan can be supplied at additional discounted cost depending on length of plan)

Remote £200

An investment in your own programme by having a critical assessment of your training plan. This will be your plan that has been designed by you or supplied from a 3rd party but aligned with personal information and performance level to maximise the effectiveness of the programme.
  • Identification of key areas of development eg, Intensity, Volume, over reaching, recovery etc
  • Suggested session plans
  • Advice on progressions of training sessions
  • Target setting
  • Periodisation