Mark Jarvis

Started triathlons about 2010 after spending most of my spare time on some sort of 2 wheels. Then after 3 years of sprints I tried my hand at the longer 70.3 distances. My first attempt was Outlaw and finished at 5:14 after cramping massively at 54 miles on the bike. The first 3 miles on the run were something else.

A reoccurring neck injury (compressed vertebrae from a motocross accident) plagued any consistent training for the 2015 season but Lanzarote 70.3 was booked and complete but once again 40 miles in on the bike and the quad cramp hit again.

2016 saw me try my hand at various events including OCR style racing and a couple of half marathons along with a splattering of sprints including the Team relays where we finished 9th overall only to find the official had moved us out of the open category into the Pro, we were first open to finish. Then I started to do a regular park run and realised I might be not suited to the long stuff as I enjoyed an hour of pain.

A plan was hatched to try to gain GB status and so I set about trying to seek out a coach to rid myself of my random training plans. Then 1 year after first asking you (at cov half) you agreed to take me on.

So this years plan was purely to get GB standard in Duathlon and get faster running times.